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200 words on Film Crit Hulk

I was going to try and articulate my thoughts on Film Crit Hulk in a single tweet. I couldn’t. In a moment you’ll understand the irony.

Film Crit Hulk is an online film critic whose writing is alienating—he writes in 3rd person, IN ALL CAPS, uses broken English, and, compared to what we’re used to reading online, his articles are quite long.

And it’s wonderful.

One of my favorite authors, Ramit Sethi, puts it best: long articles are “…a barrier to useless skimmers.” Meaning that online content consumption is driven by quantity over quality. Most people would rather read 10 short articles with mediocre-to-crap content rather than one long article with great content. This is a real shame.

At first, I too gave his articles a quick glance and even more quickly ignored them for all of the barriers I listed earlier. The caps were the hardest part for me to overcome. But once I truly gave him a chance, I realized he’s writing some of the most consistently brilliant, engaging, and thoughtful text on film that I’ve ever read. If those barriers are stopping you, I encourage you to get your shit together and start reading. Otherwise, you’re seriously missing out.