Blockbuster Online has the worst customer service ever (and Netflix doesn’t)

Blockbuster Online carries DVDs and Blu-Ray discs. I configured my account to automatically send Blu-Ray discs if the movie was made on Blu-Ray, and if not, to just send DVDs. However, on multiple occasions, DVDs were sent when Blu-Ray discs were available. I decided to contact the Blockbuster Online customer service department.

I’d like to share with you the series of emails between myself and Blockbuster Online.

Here’s how to add Netflix family profile movies to the main profile’s instant queue quickly and easily

Netflix is a wonderful service, certainly better than Blockbuster Online (especially their customer service, which I’m writing about in future blog post). There are two features that I love about Netflix—the ability to create multiple account profiles and the Instant Queue—that, when combined, don’t play nicely together. Alas, I’ve found a solution.