The Friendship-Extent Test

I used to be best friends with someone and now I’m not. I think we can all relate. People grow up, change, hate each other, and move on with their lives. It’s the natural way.

As I’ve grown up I’ve realized that not every friend you make is going to be your best friend. When I was younger, I didn’t like that idea. Now, I’m thankful because there’s just not enough time to have that many best friends. When I was younger and a friend would upset me—regardless to what extent, big or small—I’d probably talk to them about what they’d done and why I was upset about it (most likely because I wouldn’t have done that same thing to them), and it would result in (A) them understanding me and us moving forward or (B) them not understanding me and us moving backward. Today, I rarely confront friends when they’ve upset me unless it’s a really big issue. Or if I do confront them, it’s usually in a passive manner. I’ll ask them a question about the issue and see what they have to say.

I’m testing them.

I am a film and television connoisseur

I love this definition of connoisseur: an expert able to appreciate a field.

“Connoisseur” is commonly used when referring to wine experts. They’re knowledgeable on the variety of wines available, which ones are good and which ones to avoid, and even the types of glasses that you should use to maximize your drinking experience.

I am a film and television connoisseur. I’m knowledgeable about a variety of films and television series, I know which ones you might like based on what you already like and which ones you should avoid, and I even know how to best recreate the intended viewing experience (blackout curtains, anyone?)