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Craigslist is sometimes great (and sometimes uncomfortable)

I’ve been on Craigslist a lot lately applying for various jobs. Some of them seem credible. Some of them are asking if I’d like to take my clothes off and be filmed for $200. And then there’s this post:

$1,000 Reward for Information (Hollywood)

This post in not a joke. I would be extremely happy to pay someone $1,000 for the information I need. My name is Jonathan Reynolds and I’ve become the victim of some type of game, practical joke or gang stalking. It began with people following me for about a year. Within the last few months, people began to recognize me whenever I have gone out in public. I am certain they are not mistaking me for any celebrities and based on what I have overheard, they know specific private details about my life. I’ve tried to ask these people where they know me from but have failed at getting anybody to tell. I’ve had conversations with people who have acknowledged my involvement in this thing but they were careful not to specifically tell me what it is. My privacy has been violated and it has taken a huge toll on my life as well as my family’s lives. My mother frequently cries over this and it’s taking a toll on her health. These problems are real and I’m asking for somebody to please help. I need someone to tell me what this game is and I will very happily pay you $1,000. Please check out my profile picture ( to see if you recognize me. Please text or call and leave a message. (323) 449-4475. Serious callers only please. The money will go to the first person who gives me the information which I will need to verify. The information and money can be exchanged anonymously if preferred.

Things I’d like to know:

  1. Who is behind the joke?
  2. Where can I find them?
  3. How much does it cost to play along?
  4. Isn’t this the best?