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How to batch print multiple files in Mac OS X without opening them

The other day I wanted to print 25 PDFs without having to open each one and go to File > Print. Sounds simple enough. Turns out, it’s so simple that I couldn’t figure it out for quite a while.

I Googled for a bit and discovered a bunch of ways to do it on older versions of Mac OS, but nothing that still applied to Snow Leopard. Here are the (very simple) steps:

  1. Open System Preferences.
  2. Select Print & Fax.
  3. On the left, you’ll see the available printers. Select the one you want to use.
  4. Now, on the right, you’ll see an option that says “Open Print Queue.” Click it.
  5. This will open your printer queue. Simply drag the whichever files you want to print from your computer into the bottom portion of the print queue box.
That’s it. Certain file types will open their application in order to print. For example, when I dragged an Excel file to the queue, Excel quickly opened and closed.
Saves a bunch of time.