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If you don’t like someone’s status updates on Facebook, hide them

There is a strange hidden button on Facebook’s news feed that, for me, has changed my life on Facebook.

People like to update their status on Facebook. A lot. And most of the updates are a complete waste of everyone’s time. When I found out that I could hide people from appearing in my news feed, I was completely ecstatic and found that a lot of my friends didn’t know that they could do it. Are you one of those friends? Here’s the secret:

1. Find someone’s Facebook status update that you don’t like:


2. Put your mouse over the update in the top right corner and a “Hide” drop down menu will appear. Select “Hide [Person’s Name].”


3. The following message will display, telling you that you’ve been successful in hiding that person from ever appearing in your news feed again:


Just in case you feel bad or did it accidentally, you can undo the hide by clicking “Undo” (and, for the record, I did undo hiding Jonathan’s updates. He just happened to be the newest update on the page when I grabbed those screenshots).

I’ve found that by hiding a huge number of people that consistently post wasteful updates, I now really enjoy (and find useful) the Facebook newsfeed. Go figure.