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200 words on Lincoln

Daniel Day-Lewis wasn’t delivering the only great performance in Lincoln. Tommy Lee Jones, David Strathairn, and Tim Blake Nelson created realistic and memorable characters as well. I do have to say, Joseph Gordon Levitt keeps popping up in things and the more I see him the more he feels out of his league next to seasoned veterans. The major gripe I had with the movie was it being too zoomed in on one very specific (though important) aspect of Lincoln’s life. What about how he became president? Or watching how the Emancipation Proclamation directly tied into the 13th amendment (important key word: “watching,” not hearing about). More importantly, how about the details of his assassination, why it was committed, and what the immediate aftermath of it was. Few of those details were in the film. Instead of emotionally being invtested in Lincoln’s death, I actually felt more invested in Tommy Lee Jones’s Thaddeus Stevens character. This was especially true in the end when you find out why he’s been fighting so hard for song long to abolish slavery. The movie is definitely worth a watch, but it’s lacking key moments to make it feel as robust as a Daniel Day-Lewis Lincoln deserved.