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My Wii U is having controller input issues when playing Super Smash Bros. Brawl

When I’m playing Super Smash Bros Brawl on my Wii U, my controller doesn’t work correctly. If I hold a direction—down, left, right, up—for an extended period of time, the input will drop out.

For example, I’ll hold down, as a test. My character will remain crouched for a random amount of time, then pop up, and go back down. This is completely random. I’m not the only person that’s having this issue, either. Some people say it’s as though they’re in turbo mode, because their button and directional inputs are rapidly repeating. One person who’s experiencing the issue went so far as to purchase a new copy of the game because it thought his disc may have been bad.

Whatever is happening and however it’s being caused, it’s a frustrating and very real problem. Here are my troubleshooting steps:

  • Standard troubleshooting: resynced remotes, turned off and on the system, etc.
  • Tried a different game: Donkey Kong Country Returns works perfectly.
  • Disconnected all controller accessories: the issue occurs even with the standard Wii Remote Plus, so therefore any connected controller has the same issue (Nunchuck, Classic Pro Controller, GameCube controller with Wii U adapter,1 etc.
  • Turned off all possibly interfering devices: A few of the other threads I found suggested that it’s some sort of bluetooth or wireless or gigahertz interference. I tried turning off my wireless router and modem, shutting down every computer and phone in my apartment, and still no effect. So methinks it’s not interference.
  • Tried a Wii: Works great on a Wii, so from what I can tell this is a Wii U issue.
If anyone has any idea why this would be happening, please email me and let me know. I’ll do whatever I need to in order to fix this problem.
  1. Special shout out to this controller adapter, however: it works beautifully. This is the perfect solution for using GameCube controllers with the Wii U. []