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OhLife is like Livejournal, except without all the tears

When I first moved to Los Angeles, one of my college professors told me that I should keep a journal. She said that looking back on your first reactions when moving to a new area helps to keep you from becoming jaded.

Recently I found a fantastic journal site that makes this process very simple. It’s called OhLife.

Sign up, and it sends you an email at the same time each day. I set mine to 8 p.m. All you do is respond to the email with thoughts on your day. OhLife keeps a private log of all your entries. I write about anything and everything that comes to mind. I try not to filter my thoughts since no one else will likely read them. Sometimes my entries are short. Sometimes my entries are long. The great thing is that there an no obligations.

You can also configure OhLife to include past entries in the daily email. I love this feature.1 It’s a quick glimpse into my past thoughts.

Here’s my entry from September 5, 2010:

Played an awesome game of Killer Bunnies tonight. I was about to play a devastating weapon: the mini black hole. It would have destroyed everyone. Literally, everyone in the game would have been dead. Except for me because I had the magic spatula. I imagine reading this journal entry in 20 years and wondering what the hell I was talking about.

I definitely recommend checking OhLife out.

  1. A friend of mine doesn’t care for this feature. You can very easily disable this feature. []