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The LOST series finale and why it worked for me

I distinctly remember the moment when the word “LOST” came up on the screen for the last time. My friends and I sat dead silent for nearly a full minute, taking it all in.

The show raised a lot of questions and answered the important ones. Watching the finale for the first time, I must have had four or five distinct moments where I was just bawling my eyes out—just so happy to see certain characters reunited.

But it wasn’t until I re-watched the entire series this past year that I realized why the finale was so emotionally charged and engaging for me. Why it worked so well for me.

I’m an incredibly skeptical person and am not religious in any way. In my opinion, claiming you know what the future holds, how we’re going to die, or who’s “in charge” of the universe seems really misguided to me. On that same token, claiming with equal conviction that there is no God seems equally misguided (even though there’s certainly more evidence pointing to this possibility).

But given all that, the very idea that what the characters did for each other is a possibility that could happen to us is really, truly fascinating. As a species—as a race of humans that are interconnected in too many ways to ever fully know—we could BE so lucky to have something so damn beautiful happen to us. It’s quite simply a wonderful, breathtaking idea.

And if you’re still wondering why polar bears were on the island, the show was never meant for you.