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The original Batman trailer is TERRIBLE (so I made my own)

Take a look at how shockingly terrible the original theatrical trailer is for Tim Burton’s Batman:

That trailer is a seemingly random assortment of scenes strung together in no particular order. When I first saw this I felt, more than anything, astonishment at how far trailer editing has come in the last 20 years. Today, trailers are carefully crafted to tell a condensed version of the movie’s plot in a way that generates interest in the viewer.

This lead me to edit my own trailer of the 1989 Batman film. Editing a trailer from a consumer DVD is incredibly hard since you don’t have the resources that a professional trailer house does: most notably, you can’t remove music or sound effects to clearly hear lines of dialogue, greatly handicapping you in what you’re able to show.

Having said that, I finally finished the trailer last night and posted it online for all to see. I hope you enjoy.