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The secret to being a good production assistant: don’t be an idiot

Check out my new article on being a good production assistant on KeyPA! KeyPA is a fancy new blog that features tips for production assistants.

Here’s an excerpt from my post:

Let me tell you a story about a waiter I had.

The setting: 8 oz. Burger Bar (my vote for best burgers in Los Angeles). Before we ordered food, I asked him to split the check. He gave me a not-so-passive-aggressive attitude, but ended up splitting it anyway. My thought: why the attitude? How is that productive? How does that help the situation?

Why CHOOSE to do things poorly that are in your control, when there are so many things that you will HAVE to do poorly because they’re outside of your control?

The same goes for production assistants. Lose bad attitudes. Things won’t always make sense to you. Do your job anyway and do it well.

Check it out since I’m now a published author.